Can I submit more than one story?

Yes, but they will be published months apart. Please do not send more than two stories in a single submission – it's very overwhelming.

How long should my story be?

I'm not really fussed – it depends on the story. Some need to be quite long to tell the story properly, and some don't need much space at all, but I go through each story pretty thoroughly and cut anything that's not relevant.

If you've written your story and it's quite short (300-words or less), think about what you're writing – is it a story, or is it a thought? It may sound strange, but people often send me a series of thoughts. For example, they may have seen a rainbow on a mountain and pondered existence, or met someone nice and re-evaluated how they perceive others. These make good blog posts, but they're not stories – there's no beginning, middle, or end. 

Think about the mountain-style narrative structure you probably learnt at school – there's a gradual build until you reach the dramatic peak, and then a shorter drop until you reach the end. If you're not sure if it's a story or a thought, send it to me anyway and I'll let you know. If it's a thought, I may even give you some things to focus on in order to make it a story.

How long before I hear back from you?

I'll usually reply to your submission within 24-hours, and from there I'll let you know how long it'll be before I get the edits back to you. Sometimes it can be a week or two, but it really depends.

I’m a bad writer…

That doesn’t matter, that’s why I’m here. When I worked in media, the amount of poorly-written articles I received on a daily basis was mind-blowing – so many people can’t spell, formulate proper written sentences, or punctuate. So. Many. People. A lot of the time when you see a really great article online or in print, it’s been attacked by a subeditor and made to look great to uphold the quality and integrity of the publication. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time and some writers are truly fabulous, but my point is that a lot of people (both well-known and ordinary) can't form sentences or use grammar properly, but you don’t know that because people like me fix their mistakes. Believe me, it really doesn’t matter to me if you think you can’t write.


Instead of a link to my personal site, will you link to the site of the company I work for?

Yes, but I will only provide one link to the company website in the bio section at the end of the story (take a look at published stories for examples), I'll link your Facebook page when I post the story on The Global Shuffle Facebook Page.

It should also be noted that I ask for remuneration from companies (pay-for-clicks, commission, ect). If you don't like this idea but you still want to submit, you can do so as an individual with your personal blog (or no blog, I don't mind) free-of-charge. 



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