Why You Should Drop Everything and Travel With a Kindle

As a traveller and book purist, I abstained from getting a Kindle for a bizarrely long time.

I always liked book shops, libraries, the smell of a new book, and the weight of a book in my hand – how could a ‘book’ on a screen possibly replicate that?

Well, to be honest, it doesn’t replicate any of those things, but what it does provide you with is oh so much more.

Looking for a new book in a series? Buy it instantly. Want to travel with 10 books but can’t fit them in your bag? Try travelling with 4,000 of your faves. Want to read in a dorm but the hostel is stingy and doesn’t have lights installed in all the bunks? Turn the brightness up and continue on reading even after ‘that guy’ turns the lights out at nine.

So. Many. Possibilities.

The Kindle Paperwhite is also ultra-light to carry around, you can get some nifty cases to protect them, and the new ones are waterproof. Win!

So without further ado, here are the perks of travelling with a Kindle.

(I’m not sponsored by Amazon, I just really love this device, so there are some affiliate links below but read my disclaimer for more info)

Any book you want is already in your hand

I remember running along a train station in regional India towards a book stand on the platform because I’d just finished my book and needed a new one before jumping on a train for 12 hours. The selection was small, and I picked one that really, really wasn’t great (I’m sorry Sidney Sheldon…I really wanted to like it), but I persevered because it was the only one I had.

The result of travelling this way was lugging around a bunch of heavy books for weeks at a time because I had no idea where to offload them - many places in India don’t really do hostels with books swaps like they do in Europe, so you end up accumulating a lot.

If I had a Kindle, these things wouldn’t have been issues.

The Kindle Paperwhite is so light and easy to carry – the new ones weigh 190 grams or 0.4 pounds - you barely notice it in your bag.

And you can basically get absolutely any book you want! You don’t have to search for anything in book stores, wait for a book to be delivered, or wait for it to turn up in the library. Want to read the entire Harry Potter series again while travelling through the UK? All seven books have literally never been so easy to carry.

It’s surprisingly liberating.

Add your Travel guides

The days of buying a hard-copy version of Lonely Planet and shoving it in your bag are probably over for backpackers – after all, you can download them and whack them on your device – but having them on your Kindle is a whole new experience.

After a long bus, train, or plane trip, the battery on a device is usually pretty drained.

I remember practically running from train stations to hostels in various parts of Bulgaria with a 20kg bag because my phone had three-percent battery left and I’m horrendous with directions and needed a map open at all times for guidance. If my phone died, which it did once, I had to get my whole Macbook out in the middle of the street to look at my travel guide that way.

Not ideal.

The battery life on a Kindle literally lasts weeks. You could read everyday and not have to recharge the thing for an incredible six weeks. If I had a Kindle at the time, the stress of running out of battery wouldn’t have been in my life.

Your Motion sickness issues are solved

I can’t read in cars or on buses – I get so, so sick, so usually I have to sit there and listen to music while focusing heavily on what’s up ahead, trying not to even read street signs (seriously, it’s that bad).

Kindle connects to bluetooth headsets so you can listen to Audible and have someone else read to you while you travel.


The Kindle Paperwhite has a fresh six inch, high-resolution display that actually looks like text on paper. It’s not bright or shiny so there’s no glare when you’re in direct sunlight, and it doesn’t have a blue light so it’s easy on your eyes and doesn’t hurt them like reading a book on your iPad would.

The new models are also waterproof! Want to head to the beach or sit by the pool with a book? It’s kind of designed for that. You probably shouldn’t submerge it on purpose, but if you dropped it in a pool, your Kindle would survive.

You can adjust the brightness so you can read in the dark without waking others, and you can connect your headphones and access any of the 450,000 programs available on Audible.

Limited time offers


Interested? Jump on Amazon and give it a go! You know those movies where the character gets a really powerful object and suddenly they feel they weight of its power? That’s how I felt with Kindle. All the books I could ever want. In my hand.

I was surprised at how much I loved it, and I hope you do too.

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Why You Should Travel With A Kindle | The Global Shuffle

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