Well, hi! I’m Charlotte – a travel and writing-enthusiast who’s bad with directions. 

I wanted to share my love of travel and story-telling with the world, so I quite my desk job and decided to shuffle around the globe; swapping my life in Australia to wander.

My travel journey started in India, Nepal, and South East Asia with nothing but a backpack, waterproof camera, a laptop, and a need to see, well, just about everything. When I wasn't jumping on a bus every two days to explore somewhere new, I'd swap between blogging about my trip and editing academic books chapters for the university I was working for. It wasn't the most chilled way to travel, but I loved it.

During that trip, I realised working online was the key to free life I wanted to lead, and every decision I made from that point was a step towards making that happen.

Since then, I've road-tripped Tasmania and the East Coast of Australia, backpacked through Eastern Europe, taught English in Italy, spent a month driving the Icelandic Ring Road, (accidentally) hitchhiked in Bulgaria, lived and worked in Canada, survived Holi Festival in Varanasi, explored the perimeter of India using only public transport, and survived Dengue in Vietnam.

I've written and edited for magazines, websites, books, and universities – I even did stuff for a radio station at one point, but these days I prefer to travel around, collecting stories.

Cave And Basin Walk

Hometown | Sydney, Australia

Can't travel without | Osprey backpack, Macbook, re-useable shopping bags (they're seriously useful), sunscreen, maps.me, Canon 80D, notebook and pen, and a good book to swap or a Kindle (they’re the best!)

Travel shoes of choice | There are so many! If I had to choose, I'd say Sorel Joan of Arctic Booties, a solid heeled sandal, aaand I haven't found anything to replace the humble flip flop yet, so we'll throw those in too.

Favourite travel-related book | Better Than Fiction by Lonely Planet.

First overseas holiday | Singapore and Vietnam when I was 15. Trying to cross the road for the first time in Hanoi is something I'll never forget.

Favourite destination | Bulgaria in the summer, Tasmania in the winter.

Best travel experience | Chilling with food and drinks on Palolem beach after spending two solid weeks on public buses in South India. After all that, I've never felt so relaxed.

Worst travel experience | Getting dengue on my second Vietnam trip.

Favourite dish | A good veggie Mediterranean salad (as long as there's eggplant), or an Indian thali.